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An important part of financial planning is ensuring that when you die, your estate is divided in the way you would want.

Make a Will

If you don’t make a will the government decides what happens to your assets.  This might mean that your spouse might end up sharing your wealth with your children or parents.  It also can mean that your partner may get nothing at all if you are unmarried.

Within your will, if you have dependant children, you should also appoint guardians to care for your children should you die.  Should you not do this, then the authorities will decide on your behalf.  It can also mean that a partner (if you are unmarried) might not automatically become guardian to your children, even though they may be the parent.

You can utilise trusts within your will to ensure that funds that are left are not left to children who are too young to make best use of them.  Basic terms can be put in place to prevent the beneficiary wasting the money or assets you have given them.

Quotations can be provided upon request (your information will be passed to Final Wishes to draft and finalise).

Will writing is not part of the Openwork offering. Openwork Limited accepts no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Trusts and will writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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