Life and Critical Illness Cover

Life insurance offers valuable financial protection in the event of death.  This could be used to repay your mortgage or to leave a lump sum to your partner or children or whoever you nominate.  Other options include critical illness cover which pays out a specified lump sum on diagnosis of a critical illness.  This can be used to help you recover after being diagnosed, or to repay your mortgage to free up more of your income each month.  Examples of critical illnesses are certain cancers, heart disease, heart attack and stroke, with many others being included.

How much will it cost?
It will depend on various different aspects including:
Your circumstances, for example your age, health and whether you smoke.
The amount of cover and type of cover you choose.
How long you want the cover to last.

Can children have critical illness cover?
If you choose critical illness cover in your plan, your children will be covered under certain plans. They will be covered from the age of three months and lasts until their 18th birthday, as long as the plan is still running.

Please see Critical Illness Guide for full definitions of the Critical Illnesses covered which is available on request.